Evan is a creative entrepreneur with businesses in New York, NY and Honolulu, Hawaii. For the past decade he has worked building the ARCH brand, a full service custom design and fabrication agency. He also owns a retail store in Honolulu and is developing an under water speaking apparatus product named "ScubaTuba."


Evan is a business man, devoted husband and doting father to a 5 year old daughter, a team leader, and a talented artist and fabricator. Evan loves to play and produce music, as well as paint in his spare time and has been a DJ since the age of 16. He has a deep love of the outdoors and is an avid rock climber, sailor, and adventure enthusiast. Evan has extensive experience in the nightlife, performance, theater, and festival industries, and has attended burning man for over a decade. He is also a passionate cook and home chef who loves to host and share food and drink with others, as well as a student of eastern philosophy, yoga and buddhism. Dinner Party is Evan's first foray into the world of mobile applications and social networking platforms, he has been working with the Dinner Party team to spearhead its business and organizational operations since 2018 and is currently the primary investor in the app's development. 


Chief Technology Officer

For the past 10+ years Daniel has lived in New York City producing interactive technology environments for the world's top brands, agencies, and real estate empires. In 2019 he moved to Thailand where he co-founded Filter Factory, an Augmented Reality startup developing social AR for Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to being the CTO and Lead Developer at Dinner Party, Daniel is also the founder of Disco Tech, the world's first Augmented Reality fashion startup powered by Instagram AR.